What we do

Companies that produce and/or sell electronic consumer products, also has an extensive service division – directly or indirectly dealing with the end-user.

Today, ProService handle many of the tasks within this division – tasks which has a very direct effect on the company’s reputation, trust of the customer and the internal efficiency of the company. We commit ourselves to understand every client’s specific situation, challenges and possibilities.

When a service task has been completed and the customer is left in a happy state, a simple feedback-system has to be applied. Our team is very experienced and have improved it over many years of working for many different companies with many different preferences.

As a service partner that knows your product line in every detail and usually will be the first with their hand on an outgoing product, ProService will provide a circular business model. That means we can perform all necessary actions to keep the product going as it is, or upcycle the raw material it consists of.

Whether you are a manufacturer or distributor and whether you want to reuse the product as is or raw material in your own value chain or resell it to a third party, ProService can assist with repair, grading, reselling, dismantling and upcycling/recycling – all within a local, closed loop.