How we do it

Maintanance and installation

We focus on maintenance service on electronic consumer products, through technical procedures as well as giving thorough maintenance instructions to the user. The amount of resources saved by this approach is worth the effort, resulting in less down-time, less usage of spare parts and increased customer satisfaction.

Repair and local lifecycle loop

We repair when needed and we are experienced with more than a decade in all kinds of house electronics and robotics, IT equipment and electronic industrial products. We are also experienced in establishing a lifecycle loop ensuring a long life for your hardware, in the most sustainable way: local. If a product cannot be reused by the manufacturer, we can resell it in a still continuous loop. In the case of a definite defect product, we can upcycle the raw materials, extracting all the value the product actually represents.

Customer Care & Call Center

ProService is a team of technical as well as service minded people – it is exactly that combination that should be the bedrock of your customer care & call center, dedicated to suit your customers’ and your organizations’ needs. Whether it’s live technical support, general inquiries and support or self-service portals, it’s all valuable for both parties – your customers will receive proper service for them and their product and you will keep them around as your customers for longer.



The work of our technicians and the feedback they get from the customer, is all valuable information. ProService can design and integrate a simplified and efficient report-back system. We are also experienced in adapting to our clients’ existing report-back system – we stay agile and flexible, because the needs of two clients are never the same.

Customer feedback is also important data, when the question is how to prolong the life of products – which usually comes down to maintenance by the customer.